What to Expect From Your Mortgage Broker

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At Rosa Briggs, our primary goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations for a mortgage company. As our business has grown, we’ve assembled a team of exceptional people to make sure that every phase of the mortgage transaction is handled smoothly and professionally. Here are just five of the key areas we excel in.

Lending Options

As a part of CrossCountry Mortgage, we have dozens of investors behind us. Because of them, we are not limited to one bank’s set of guidelines or rates. Instead, we offer many lending options and programs from a variety of sources. Working with CrossCountry Mortgage truly enables us to provide superior options for our clients.

Experience & Expertise

With over 20 years of experience working in real estate and finance, our objective is to provide every one of our clients with a mortgage that is tailor-made for their unique financial situation. We give each of our clients a Total Mortgage Cost Analysis, a highly developed tool with numerous scenarios to demonstrate the cost of their loan in both the short and long term.

Personalized Service

We offer a customized, transparent, and honest lending experience where our clients feel confident that their goals and needs are being met. Whenever possible, we love to meet in person with our clients. In addition, all our emails and phone calls are answered in a timely manner, and our clients even have access to us after hours for any unusual circumstances.

Competitive Rates & Fees

CrossCountry Mortgage’s interest rates and fees are very competitive. We aren’t the lowest and don’t want to be the lowest. Those with lower fees tend to prioritize quantity, not quality. Instead, we emphasize providing exceptional value in the high-quality service and experience we provide, which results in far greater satisfaction for our clients.

Present Strongest Offer

CrossCountry Mortgage offers a closing-on-time guarantee that helps our clients’ offer stand apart from others. Listing agents will often ask about the strength of the offer, and we are able to reassure them that a full pre-approval was completed and that the closing date can and will be met. In addition, many listing agents desire financing to be provided by a trusted, local loan officer, and our well-established reputation speaks for itself!

This is the Rosa Briggs Home Lending experience. Reach out, let’s chat about your homeownership journey.

Find the right financing strategy with Rosa Briggs Home Lending.

At Rosa Briggs Home Lending, we put our clients first and foremost. Buying a home is a big deal, and you deserve a team that has your back throughout the process. That’s why we believe in strategic home financing solutions, not quick, auto-generated approvals. We help you understand your options and pick a path that meets your needs now and twenty years from now.

Find a mortgage that allows you to succeed today and plan for tomorrow. Get started now.

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