Adult Family Home Financing

Purchasing an Adult Family Home

Investing in a property for use as an adult family home can be a strategic move, offering the potential for both a stable residence and a thriving business. With the opportunity to secure financing through diverse loan programs tailored to your needs, you can blend personal and entrepreneurial aspirations while ensuring a comfortable and secure home for yourself and your residents.

But purchasing the right AFH property can feel overwhelming. Rosa Briggs and team is experienced in AFH financing. We can walk you through a range of customizable loan options and set you on a path to achieve your AFH investment goals.

AFH Financing Options

When it comes to financing adult family home purchases, we understand that you need customized financing support. That’s why our team helps you combine standard residential loan programs with creative combined financing strategies.

Rosa Briggs can help you secure a traditional loan option to finance your AFH as a residential purchase.

You also have the option to seek out additional financing to supplement your AFH purchase:

  • Business Loans: If you require extra capital for your AFH business, we know how to pair mortgage options with other business financing that you have pursued.
  • CHOW and SBA Integration: For those purchasing pre-existing AFH businesses with a Change of Ownership (CHOW) or Small Business Administration (SBA) loan program, we can assist in supplementing your financing with a residential loan.

What Qualifies as an Adult Family Home

Before purchasing and financing an AFH facility, it’s important to understand the unique qualifications for these properties. To qualify as an adult family home, your investment should:

  • Occupy 25-50% of the home for personal, residential use.
  • Be zoned as residential.
  • Provide various levels of care to residents, including daily activities like meal prep, medication management, personal care, and more.
  • Meet accessibility standards to accommodate residents with mobility challenges or disabilities.
  • Meet state and local requirements and hold the appropriate licenses and permits.

Get Started on Your AFH Financing Journey

Whether you’re an experienced AFH owner or a newcomer to the market, Rosa Briggs and team is equipped to guide you through the AFH financing landscape. Your investment journey deserves a trusted partner. We’re here to help.

Your AFH financing success story begins with a consultation. Reach out to us today to discover how Rosa Briggs can help you realize your AFH investment ambitions.

Find the right adult family home financing strategy with Rosa Briggs.

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